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Greetings, Fantastic Fungi Friends!

Aloha Friends!

I hope you have all had a wonderful Easter full of love sent from Above!

This last week, MiKha'el and I watched the Fantastic Fungi film available on Amazon Prime video directed by Louis Schwartzberg.

It is worth a watch, and great education for children, adults, and all members of the family!

After watching the film, I was radiating happiness knowing the Magical Powers that the Fungi Kingdom has. They do so much for ourselves, one another, and our Earth!

From Lion's Mane, to Turkey Tail, to Red Reishi, these magical creatures have the power to treat, cure, heal, and prevent many diseases through their adaptogenic characteristics.

They are decomposers and play essential roles in our universal network. They were the very first ancestors and according to the film, we most resemble the fungi kingdom, therefore, we directly come from them.

I have always been supportive of the fungi kingdom, and nowadays, I find myself wishing to dive deeper into their knowledge! I am grateful for the healing powers they hold!

If the whole world was more educated on the benefits of eating, growing, and sustaining mushrooms, I believe more than 50% of our environmental, economic, and global-social issues would be resolved!

Very soon, MiKha'el and I are wishing to initiate a medicinal mushroom cultivation to support our family, friends, community, and environment. The mushroom is a sacred fungi, and has been treated with reverence in MANY ancient cultures (The Mayan peoples, the Chinese, and many more I am currently unaware of) for its healing and magical properties.

My mushroom knowledge is new and I am looking forward to learning and re-discovering the ancient secrets of the Fungi Kingdom! If you have anything to share, please feel free to add a comment to our Growing Medicinal Mushrooms Forum Discussion. It is a safe communal platform where we can exchange, inspire, and elevate one another in our Mushroom Cultivation Skills & Experiences!

Mushrooms are not like plants, and they are not like animals. They are somewhere in between. The non-psychoactive, medicinal, and edible ones are extremely tasty, sustaining, and filling. They can be used to replace meat and satiate the brain, the body, and the gut!

Honestly, I could eat a portobello burger any day over a piece of meat.

I am very thankful for the abundance that the Fungi Kingdom provides us all with: medicine, food, spiritual experiences, environmental benefits, and many more.

Here are some mushrooms and their classifications, maybe next time you take a walk in nature, you can identify what fungi is SAFE and Consummable!

These species of fungi are also the ones we formulate out 7th Heaven & 7th Heaven Blue Avatar Vitamins with!

We use High Concentration (50:1 and 100:1) USA Organic Grown Mushrooms!

Mushrooms can have similar/false mushrooms that SEEM to identify as one, but may be another.

I highly recommended conducting your own research before and after picking a mushroom to ensure what you will be ingesting is SAFE.

And Remember, always ask for mother nature and the fungi's permission to be harvested, give thanks when done!

Mahalo Ke Akua,

Elizabeth Eve

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