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50 Vitamins (1-2 Moon Supply) of PANDORA Blue Avatar!


Pandora Blue Avatar is a Full-Spectrum Medicinal Vitamin that enhances your Day-to-Day Well Being. 


With 8 Equal Organic Ingredients, the Vitamin is created to have Full-Spectrum functionality, endurance, and preventative health measures and benefits. 




-Olympic Mix*

-Blue Algae

-Lion's Mane 

-Red Reishi 







*The Olympic Mix Contains 50mg of Psychoactivity

This dosage is very low and is specifically designed to be fully functional for work, school, driving, gathering, etc. 


The Capsules are Vegetarian/Vegan Friendly, containing NO gelatin.


Serving Size: 2-4 Capsules 

Suggested Use: Take 2-4 capsules at the begging of the day before eating any food. 


These vitamins can be taken daily!


When first introducing the medicine to your system, start with 2 capsules.

After becoming familiar and feel comfortable with the experience, you can increase your serving to 4 vitamins daily.


Please Use Your Own Discretion and Intuition when Medicating 


**10% of Your Purchase Supports Angels@LARGE New Earth Church**



Pandora Blue Avatar Vitamins

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  • The Ingredients are 100% Organic and Highly Concentrated

    Upon taking the suggested dosage of 2-4 Vitamins Daily, 30 Vitamins is Approximately a 1 month Supply

    10% of Profits Support Angels@LARGE New Earth Church


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